Word Among Us Bible Study

The Gospel of John


Internet Audio and Video Change

Because of the increase use of people watching or listening to WAU on line we have had to change to a different server. Starting today, the WAU classes will no longer be available at the same location on the internet as they have been. To view all sessions you will need to do the following:

  1. Go to the Lutheran Church Charities web site at http://lcc.LutheranChurchCharities.org
  2. Log on using your login and password. (If you have forgotten you logon or Password please e-mail for a new one to be assigned)
  3. Go to the "Word Among Us Class 2004-2005" Group - the same place you would go to get your handouts for the week. Not the group that is your individual class site!
  4. Under "Articles" you will see "Session (Session #) - Video Stream" or "Session (Session #) - Audio Stream" - click on the one you want and you are there. To view previous sessions click on the word "Articles" to the left of that section and that will pull up a list of all the previous sessions.

If you have any problems doing any of the above, please let us know! By using the new server, we are able to have more people viewing at the same time. Although this is a service we have had to contract and pay for - it allows the best service to you the students. This should also fix any problems that those students that have been using Macs were experiencing.

If you have any problems, please e-mail timhetzner@LutheranChurchCharities.ORG


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